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    A few questions and the list of data that would be most useful for analysis.

    Questions for you or your team leader:

    Maximum time allowed for User Inactivity before CONNECTION should be disconnected?

    Does your application have Logout/Signoff available to user?

    Yes or No - if No, how are resources released?

    Login will likely be required to get back online after disconnection (and resources will again be consumed).

    If every CONNECT is closely coupled with CLOSE (after query sequence is completed) you will observe threads_connected remaining a relatively consistent value and not growing every hour.

    Is connection pooling in use?

    Yes or No will likely influence a few php.ini settings

    Rotating HD nnn of Spindles, nnn TB/GB/MB and nnn TB/GB/MB Free Space
    SSD nnn TB/GB and nnn TB/GB/MB Free Space of SSD
    NVME nnn TB/GB and nnn TB/GB/MB Free Space of NVME
    Random Write mfg or tested IOPS? _________ not read seq or RR.

    nnn TB/GB/MB row count LIMIT for SQL SELECT, JOIN, SORT, etc. for a single query processing LIMIT

    Do you really want to allow one query to JOIN a billions rows of information before concluding this is a MISTAKE?
    Depending on your application, 1 Million rows LIMIT could be fine.

     HOSTED on what system?

    ___________ pendo.io, AWS, Google, In-house, local area hosting organization.

     RAM nnn TB/GB/MB on your Host server, indicate DEDICATED or SHARED w other apps?

    End of initial questions about your operating environment supplied by email to mydatalinks@mysqlservertuning.com  with your order number as the subject (assigned later), please.

    If your only interested in log analysis, please skip to POST DATA DESTINATION

    current complete my.cnf or my.ini and php.ini (if used)

    TEXT results of: (If you choose to provide xlsx rather than TEXT data, our Suggestions COULD be DELAYED)

    If you are in a crisis, this may be the extent of data you can provide.
    We will understand and do the best we can with the data you can provide. 

    If you are only interested in 10 Global Variable suggestions you may STOP here, for more detailed analysis, continue please
    C) complete current text of error log
    E) SELECT name, count FROM information_schema.innodb_metrics ORDER BY name;
    Optional very helpful information, if available includes -

    htop, top & mytop for most active apps
    ulimit -a for a linux/unix list of limits 
    iostat -x for a linux/unix when BUSY for IOPS of hardware extended status
    df -h for a linux/unix free space list by device
    free -h  for a linux/unix Total Used Free  Mem: and Swap:
    cat /proc/meminfo  for a Linux/unix report including VMAlloc information
    MySQLTuner.com entire report, please
    Why entire report? Because the report includes MySQL V nn, RAM, per Engine analysis of data space/table counts and additional very helpful information.

    ALL suggestions for configuration changes
    should be carefully evaluated before taking action.

    For text files rather than images, please copy Command Prompt output  to clipboard (ctrl+c) and paste into Wordpad New File (ctrl+v) for text files works great in Windows.
    Linux has similar tools available to save text files.

    If you need a delta analysis, please use our contact page to REQUEST additional instructions, availability and pricing information.

    For delta analysis of a busy hour, after one hour (or two, or three very busy hours)
    repeat gathering the text results as above with accurate filenames.

    You may wish to have a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/annual delta analysis
    which we can accomodate if you have your BASELINE start and end delta files available.


    After using SHOP to complete your Purchase and you have INVOICE/ORDER #, use pastebin.com preferably or Google drive, dropbox.com or
    similar site to post your results for analysis, please.
    Make the Subject of your email  INVOICE/ORDER #(assigned at purchase), please so we know which INVOICE/ORDER # your data is to be associated with for analysis, please.
    Share these file links in your email to mydatalinks@MySQLServerTuning.com for your analysis processing.

    Receipt of these links STARTS your 4 Business day clock for expected email delivery of our Suggestions.