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    A few questions and the list of data that would be most useful for analysis.

    Questions for you or your team leader:

    HOW DID YOU FIND US?  web search, referral by ______________, Facebook, Instagram, can not remember,  ________________.

    Power Plan in use?  

    High Performance recommended for busy server
    rather than Balanced or Power Saver.
    For Windows, Run, powercfg.cpl  to determine current setting and change setting.
    Search for Linux Power Plan Settings to find a way to determine your setting.
    BIOS settings could still be in your way of achieving high performance.
    Remaining on Balanced or Power Saver throttles your server to achieve less than 80% of possible processing power.

    If your server to be analyzed is a public facing server, please share the URL with us to gather basic information from https://myip.ms to verify your server is shared or dedicated (preferred for a busy host).  My URL is ____________________________________.

    If your server requires login to observe your area of difficulty, would you share an existing demo username and password with READ only privileges? Username ____________ Password _______________ to expedite our viewing your troubled area.
    End of initial questions about your operating environment to be included in your  email to mydatalinks@mysqlservertuning.com  with your Invoice/Order number as the subject (assigned later), please.

    If you are ONLY interested in log analysis, attach your log(s) to be analyzed and skip to POST DATA DESTINATION.

    TEXT results of following requests to be "Attached" to email to mydatalinks@mysqlservertuning.com with your Invoice/Order Number leading the Subject line please.

    About TEXT results: (If you choose to provide xlsx rather than TEXT data, our Suggestions COULD be DELAYED) 

    Using SSH for root login 

    From MySQL Command prompt,

    tee c:/temp/last-tee.txt;
      may take the following requests to a single filename of your choice
      to be attached to your email to us.  In this case, C:/TEMP must be write enabled.
    SELECT NOW();         for a date and time in your outfile.
      If the tee works for you, run the requests from the MySQL Command prompt
      and you will not have to use clipboard and Notepad type software.

      Copy results to clipboard and save to Notepad (or similar) text file.

    B) SHOW GLOBAL STATUS;    minimum UPTIME 1 business day, 7 days or more preferred
      Copy results to clipboard and save to Notepad (or similar) text file.

      Copy results to clipboard and save to Notepad (or similar) text file.

    D) STATUS;  - not SHOW STATUS;  just STATUS; and press Enter
      Copy results to clipboard and save to Notepad (or similar) text file.

    E) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM information_schema.tables;
      Copy results to clipboard and save to Notepad (or similar) text file.

    SELECT NOW();     to record when you finished the capture
    notee;                      to stop 'tee' function
      to stop capturing into the outfile.

    This DataWeNeed.bat script may work for you, if you connect to your instance with root login.

    tee c:/temp/last-tee.txt; 
    SELECT NOW(); 
    SELECT NOW(); 

    end of script example.

    From your OS Command Prompt,
    RENAME your last-tee.txt  to ccyymmdd-hhmm-tee.txt
    such as in Windows,
    CD c:\temp  and press Enter to change your working directory
    REN last-tee.txt 20210605-0815-tee.txt and press Enter
    to enable you to attach your file with your local date and time to us.
    This will also enable you to create another tee file later, 
    if needed and you will not have a file naming conflict for last-tee.txt 
    blocking your next request.
    In a few days, clean up your own c:\temp folder, please.

    ALL suggestions for configuration changes
    should be carefully evaluated BEFORE taking action.


    After using SHOP to complete your Purchase and you have INVOICE/ORDER # make the Subject of your email  INVOICE/ORDER #(assigned at purchase), please so we know which INVOICE/ORDER # your data is to be associated with for analysis, please.
    TEXT results to be "Attached" in email to mydatalinks@MySQLServerTuning.com for your OFF CPU analysis processing.

    Our receipt of these readable attachments STARTS (or RESTARTS) your 4 Business day clock for expected email delivery of our Suggestions.

    Additional information or data may be requested.

    If your Analysis Services is for  
    Loyalty Global Status and Global Variable Analysis Delta 
    we will likely ask you to use this list of requested data for 
    a more thorough analysis of your instance.


    More Data We Need < click for more in depth analysis list of data