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    If you find a link not working, please send ctrl-c copy of the link by email to
    info@mysqlservertuning.com and we will attempt to find alternative and update this page.

    Have a file you can not read?
    This could be your ticket, free (as of 03/2018) file conversions. Nothing to download or install on your PC. So simple and a GREAT tool when you need it.

    Hosting your web enabled application with Navigation Analysis is available on demand for historical reporting. Tremendous offering without the hassles of 'in-house' server management (by Google thru pendo.io) Licensed month-to-month $1500.00 minimum that includes Navigation Analysis, UNLIMITED data storage, 5,000 Active Username/Password accounts - administration by you. If a Username/Password is not used during month, it was not an ACTIVE account and not counted for billing. Additional Username/Password accounts available in blocks of 1,000 for reasonable prices.
    A North Carolina USA based company with many international customers.

    Screen sharing Windows-Windows, possibility of recording video, audio for later replay (no royalties/fees), presenter or remote control. Free version does NOT include recording video or audio. About $35.00 US month-to-month.
    Screen Sharing with join.me Windows hosted, allows IOS connections - iPhone 5s or later iPAD various.

    Language Translation
    Use of the free translate.google.com offering can overcome my English only language barrier in many languages.  Be patient and we will get through the process.

    MariaDB End of Life notices

    All platforms

    MariaDB Release History


    MariaDB Server System Variables links:


    MySQL End of Life notices

    All platforms


    MySQL 8.0 April, 2026
    MySQL 5.7 October, 2023
    MySQL 5.6 February, 2021
    MySQL 5.5 December, 2018
    Mac OS X v10.11 October 30, 2017
    Ubuntu 12.04 April 28, 2017
    April 18, 2017 3 versions
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5,
    Oracle Linux 5 and
    CentOS v5 as of April 30, 2017.
    MySQL 5.1 December 4, 2013
    MySQL 5.0 January 9, 2012
    MySQL 4.1 December 31, 2009
    MySQL 4.0 December 1, 2008

    MySQL Release History
    in the contents of first page, clk Release History
    for Release Version, General availability, Latest release, End of Support

    MySQL Server System Variables links:

    MySQL Version 8.0


    MySQL Version 5.7

    MySQL Version 5.6

    MySQL Version 5.5

    2 minutes to calculate your RAM requirements (Nothing to download, just let website do the calculations for you by entering your my.cnf or my.ini values.)

    is a helpful perl script to produce a report from your MySQL running instance. Includes RAM, MySql Version, by Engine Data Size and Table counts, Reads/Writes %R %W, Tables Open/Max and many other useful items. 
    The report will warn you if your instance uptime is less than 24 hours 
    and recommendations could be more accurate with longer uptime (if possible).
    For Linux version,
    http://mysqltuner.pl   for perl script download only

    on the 1st page, blue highlighted www.mysqltuner.com for download - is not available June, 2020.;
    scroll further down for many options, including output to file and FAQ near the end.
    For Windows version,
    scroll down to 'Recommended Download' appx 300kb download size
    as of 2020-01-14, version 0.8.5 is latest version for Windows.
    For other OS, search for mysqltuner (your OS) and you will likely find helpful information. 

    Releem.com  -  MySQL Performance Tuning as a Service

    Computer-to-computer connection via web (3/18 still complimentary and now owned by Microsoft) Screen Sharing (if you have microphone and speakers - voice over internet protocol -VOIP- available) Windows-Windows or Windows-Linux or others

    Useful for testing many aspects for MySQL (and some other types of SQL) schema and query development. Complimentary convenient quick test of many ideas.  Choices:

    Time & Date Around the world
    Lookup by city, state, country or only country with hours differential from your city

    Other links you may find helpful,

    MySQL sandbox, test MySQL queries online.

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